Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Beginnings

Larry Roddy - 2006 - last gig in The Ballymore Inn.
New Beginnings

The Ballymore gig (now BAG) has seen many new beginnings, having moved home a few times over its lifetime.
My tenure as host is a new beginning; this Blog is another. 
Our founder, and friend, the late Larry Roddy (Lar to us) loved music, and brought us some of the very best.
This gig has always been a 'word of mouth' gig, and I hope it always will be. Of course, the 'mouth' is now Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, email; Lar would laugh: such things were Greek to him! 
We miss Lar; we always will, but we'll keep the music alive, keep the gig going, and move forward.

Roy Thompson

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