Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peter Mulvey - Live - On The Double

Peter Mulvey Tours Ireland March 19th - 24th, and will play two shows for me on the tour -  Cunninghams Bar, Kildare Town on Thursday 20th, and Mick Murphy's Bar, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare on Monday 24th. Both Shows are: Doors: 8:30pm; Support: 8:50pm; Headliner: 9:30pm. Admission is €12 on the door.
If you've seen Peter live before, you'll be glad to welcome him back; if you haven't, then you simply must!

U.S. singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey has been touring the world for the past twenty years, and Ireland, as part of that, for much of that time. This tour is a little different: Peter has just released his 14th studio album, entitled 'Silver Ladder', and is using its release, funded by a very succesful funding campaign, to reach out to a wider audience. Here's the word from the man himself:
"I've given twenty years of my life to being on the road, performing live. That's the heart of my endeavor. If you're reading this, in all likelihood you've been to a gig of mine. Or perhaps five or fifteen gigs. It's fulfilling work, and I keep coming back because you keep coming back.
This is my first record made of entirely new songs in eight years, and I'm excited about that. I've got lots more where these came from. The shows have felt so strong lately- like any artist, it all comes and goes, and right now feels like a bit of a rebirth for me. There's something in the air that says “Let's get after it!” ".

Short video on the album, and the funding campaign:

Some videos:
'Just Before The War':
'Some People':
'What a Little Time Has Done':

Support from Kate O'Callaghan

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