Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pat Coldrick - Classical Guitarist - Live in Mick Murphy's

Irish virtuoso Classical Guitarist, Pat Coldrick makes his welcome return to Mick Murphy's, Ballymore Eustace on Monday June 16.
Classical guitar as you probably haven't seen it before - engaging, absorbing, and thoroughly entertaining.

He has played to packed houses at home and abroad - filling the John Field Room in the National Concert Hall, and playing to large auditoriums across Europe, from Estonia, as far afield as St. Petersburg. He is highly regarded wherever he goes, and when you see and hear his performances, it'll be no surprise to you that he is.
You will be treated to a programme of classical pieces; re-interpretations of popular classics; and outstanding original compositions, one of which ('Lament') you can listen to below.
Highly recommended.

'Lament' (original) -
'Can'tHelp Falling in Love With You' -

'Passacaglia' -
'Classical Gas' -

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