Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16

Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16, 9pm, Adm: €12

“Hat Fitz and Cara make beautiful, raw, exciting music that never fails to grab me” - Jeff Lang, Australia

“They pack more energy, emotion and sheer musical exuberance into one song
than most manage in a whole career” - Spiral Earth, UK

“With 'Wiley Ways', Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson have crafted as genuine a blues record as you can hope to find in this day and age - simple, powerful, full of the inherent realism we’ve come to expect from these two, a stellar effort” - Samuel J. Fell (Rhythms/Rolling Stone).

Hat Fitz & Cara have recently finished recording their new album “ Wiley Ways” which has had the pleasure of being engineered and produced by the highly regarded Jeff Lang.
The process of this has been up to date one of the most enjoyable experiences either of them have had in making an album, what with banging bed pans, packing Cigarette box Pedals into old leather glad bags for that sought after sound.
It has been a shared passion for their music that has moulded this album lovingly track by track.
Now they want to share this personal experience of their scrawls and ramblings they have created late into the many early hours from their shed in the bush and long dark nights on the road with the rest of the world.
This dynamic duo is a unique combination that have skilfully combined their music of hill style country blues with old time folk, which has seen them become firm favourites on the international festival circuit.
Their material is original yet crosses the boundaries as if written from a time once forgotten.

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