Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spreading the Word According to BAG!

Believe it or not, it'll soon be a year since I took up the baton and brought Live Music back to Ballymore Eustace. I offer my thanks to my hosts Phil and Sean Murphy of the Stage Inn (Mick Murphy's) for continuing to make their fine pub available to me. It's been a steep learning curve, but fun too, and we've had some terrific nights of top quality live music from home and abroad. And with your continued support, there'll be lots more, too.
There's no doubt that we are living in tough times; so many are unemployed and really stuggling. So it is heartening to see people coming through the door on Monday nights, willing to pay to see quality live music.
This current hardship we find ourselves in extends to independent musicans, too: many of whom are battling to stay on the road, and to keep recording and touring new records, and I know that they appreciate the support for their music they are afforded in small venues.
It is my hope to keep promoting Live Music long into the future; albeit that as I do this as a hobby, and not for gain.
For this to happen, I need to be sure I can continue to offer Touring Acts a listening audience. There is a core of patrons that I refer to as the "Ballymore Faithful" and for their support I am very grateful; the challenge for the future is to grow BAG's fan-base so that I'm drawing from a bigger pool of loyal followers.
This is where you, dear reader, can help! We live in a technology dominated world; you might be reading this on your PC, Apple-Mac, I-Pad, even your phone. You might have been directed to it from Facebook, Twitter, a friend may have forwarded you an email with this address included: eitherway, you're here, and you can be part of BAG's future!
So, if you like Live acoustic music in the vein of Folk/Blues/Americana/Old Time/Roots/Traditional, then you might like to help spread the word about BAG and keep good folks coming through the door- the kind that play, and the kind that pay!
To that end, please forward the link to this Blog to your friends and contacts, and maybe even follow us by email: its really easy and you only get emails when new stuff is posted. You can also join the BAG mailing list by emailing your request to
If you've yet to have the experience of a BAG gig, then come on out and see for yourself what its all about; if you're a regular patron, or indeed an occasional one, thank you for your support, and please, keep it up: BAG needs you!

Hope to see you all down the road.

Roy Thompson

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