Friday, 27 April 2012

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart Gig: Unmissable One of Two

Next Monday night's debut BAG appearance by Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart, both former members of Steve Earle's band 'The Dukes', is the first of only two Republic of Ireland dates on this European tour.
Touring with their new CD 'Dedication', this will be a memorable BAG gig. So, catch them locally in their favourite kind of venue: an intimate listening room.
Don't miss it; this one will be one to remember! Doors 8:15pm, Gig: 9pm Sharp. Admission €12 on the door.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart - Monday Apr. 30
Stacey and Mark are both former members of "The Dukes" - Steve Earle's band.

 I recommend coming early for this one folks; it will be busy - this is the first of Stacey and Mark's only two Republic of Ireland dates on this European tour! Doors 8:15pm, Gig 9pm sharp. €12 on the door.

Few husband-wife musical duos provide audiences with the complete entertainment package that Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart dish out in a live performance. Armed with clever acoustic guitar interplay, autobiographical songwriting, lovely harmonies, and humorous storytelling this couple captivates your attention from the first moment they are onstage. Based out of Tennessee, Earle and Stuart draw from blues, pop, country, rock, and more in their heartfelt music. The years of touring the folk/Americana circuit (playing 170 concerts a year) have given them a knack for reaching out to the audience in an intimate “come in to my living room” fashion.
Stacey and Mark own their own record label, Gearle Records, and have made 8 CDs over the years. Since meeting in 1992 and marrying in late 1993, the partners have toured the USA, Canada, and Europe repeatedly. They left the environment of pursuing a major label deal in Nashville in 1998 to target small intimate venue crowds in theaters, coffeehouses, festivals, clubs, and house concerts. This has become their home and they are a recognized fixture on the folk music trail they blaze.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Beginnings

Larry Roddy - 2006 - last gig in The Ballymore Inn.
New Beginnings

The Ballymore gig (now BAG) has seen many new beginnings, having moved home a few times over its lifetime.
My tenure as host is a new beginning; this Blog is another. 
Our founder, and friend, the late Larry Roddy (Lar to us) loved music, and brought us some of the very best.
This gig has always been a 'word of mouth' gig, and I hope it always will be. Of course, the 'mouth' is now Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, email; Lar would laugh: such things were Greek to him! 
We miss Lar; we always will, but we'll keep the music alive, keep the gig going, and move forward.

Roy Thompson