Thursday, 24 September 2015

JOHN SPILLANE - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday December 7, 2015

John Spillane returns to BAG at Mick Murphy's, Ballymore Eustace, Monday, December, 7th, 2015. Doors open 8:30pm; Gig 9pm sharp. Ticket details below.

At this stage, John Spillane hardly needs any introduction to Irish music fans. But, in case you're recently returned from Mars, I can tell you that this October this acclaimed Singer and Songwriter, celebrates 33 years of an ever-consistent, vastly illuminating and exciting career within the world of music. Having sold over 100,000 albums in Ireland, John Spillane has also been awarded with two Meteor Irish Music Awards for ‘Best Act Folk’ and ‘Traditional’ act. His songs have been covered by many Irish folk lumineers such as Christy Moore, Sean Keane, Karan Casey, Pauline Scanlon, Solas, Mary Black, Méav, Sinéad Lohan and Sharon Shannon.

Live, John Spillane is at his best; in one show the listener is treated to all the joy, sorrow, magic, love, poetry, madness and humour needed to sustain one, and to tide one over, until the next time you meet John - in some other place, to do it all again, and re-charge your batteries, once more. A John Spillane show is a tonic for all that may ail you; it is a slice of true living. You'll think you're just listening to music, but you're not, you know!!

This will be the last BAG gig before the Christmas break. It will be a ticketed affair, and is expected to sell out. So, book early. Tickets, priced €15, will be available direct from me at the door on Monday nights from October 5th onwards. Tickets can be reserved by emailing  but must be paid for by Monday November 30th, or they will be released for general sale on the night of the gig.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

PETER DORAN - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, October 19, 2015

Photo credit: Luke Daniels
Peter Doran returns to play BAG - what he often says is one of his favourite gigs - in Mick Murphy's Bar, Ballymore Eustace, on Monday, October 19. Doors open at 8:30pm; Gig 9pm sharp.

Peter Doran is a Singer-Songwriter from Mullingar. His musical life started twenty years ago in a roar of electric guitars, distortion pedals and Marshall amps. But, perhaps thankfully for us, his musical direction took an unplanned shift into acoustic-land after watching people like Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and Emmett Tinley, perform at “The Stables”, an intimate music venue just ten minutes walk from Peter’s Home. It was a new century and he had a new fascination: the singer and the song.

Peter has just released his fourth album, the self-produced “Outlines” to critical acclaim in Ireland. It is the songwriter’s most sparse and direct work to date. Peter’s combination of vocals and melody create a natural intimacy, one that makes the listener feel as though he is sharing his best kept secrets with them. For my money, it's one of the best records I've heard in the past year - the quality of the songwriting is that good, the delivery is assured, and the production is sensitive and measured; it compliments the arrangements, rather than competing with them, as is so often the case.
In the last years Peter has played headline shows in Ireland, Holland and New York, and has opened up for artists like Mick Flannery, Declan O’Rourke, Duke Special and Mark Geary. Very highly recommended.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

KRISTA DETOR BAND - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, October 12, 2015

In continuing to seek to present new artistes to the 'Ballymore faithful', I'm delighted to announce the first BAG appearance of Krista Detor, from Indiana, USA. Krista plays Mick Murphy's Bar, Ballymore Eustace, on Monday, October 12th. Doors: 8:30pm; Gig 9pm sharp. Admission: €12 at the door. This is a real treat, folks, and highly recommended.
Joining Krista for the evening on guitar and backing vocals is David Weber, and on bass - a man who needs no introduction to BAG regulars, as we pretty much count him one of our own, at this stage, he having appeared so many times here with Buddy Mondlock - Mr. Mike Lindauer, on the fretless bass, folks!

"She is not just a songwriter, nor accomplished musician, nor poignant entertainer - I have been awed by the soul-punching talent of Krista Detor.." - WNC Magazine (Feb. 2015)

MusicDish magazine calls her work: " Richard Wright’s 'Manchild in the Promised Land' or the musical equivalent of Akira Kurosawa’s 'Dreams';" The Allmusic Guide calls her “An artist of rare ability with a deep poetic gift,” and Rolling Stone, "A small miracle."  Krista Detor’s solo albums have reached national and international prominence, including #1 on the Euro-Americana Chart, and placement within the top 10 of the U.S. Folk and Independent Music charts, but she is no ordinary songwriter: Detor has been involved in several award-winning collaborations, including the highly-acclaimed 'Wilderness Plots,' (PBS national), for which she and fellow writers, including American College of Arts & Letters inductee author Scott Russell Sanders, were recognized by the Indiana Legislature for contributions to the arts (2010), and which resulted in (2) Emmy nominations and a Golden Eagle award.

She was the only American woman invited to The BBC's Darwin Songhouse Project, Shrewsbury England (2009); Says Neil Pearson, Producer of the project: “Krista is one of the very finest modern songwriters at writing within character; and her ability to convey the emotions of the people that inhabit her songs is utterly convincing and believable.. The compelling way the narratives are delivered make one of the most flexible and empathetic writers. Her understanding of the human condition and her ability to express the motivation for her characters give her songs real impact and resonance with the listener.”

She has been commissioned to write musical theatre for The U.S. Dept. of State in New Delhi, India (2012); For the Indiana Arts Commission ('The Breeze Bends the Grass,' Musical Theatre collaborative project, 2013); and has written commissioned choral pieces for several national and int'l choirs. In addition, she's been a returning presenter at Stanford University, wherein, her album, 'Chocolate Paper Suites' was a multi-year ‘required reading’ assignment for the literature course, "The 'isms of Modernism," in which students sought to explore modernism's impact on, and negotiation with, contemporary culture and art. Says Dr. Rod Taylor of the album, “This album provides an excellent example of how the most salient elements of modernist art and philosophy persist in postmodern culture. Its poetic and intertextual lyrics, captivating melodies, meaningful organization, and complex narrative thread will undoubtedly lead to rich discussions among my students.” She has conducted songwriting seminars, performances and presentations at universities and arts centers throughout the world, including Ireland's prestigious IMRO performing rights organization.

Most recently (Feb. 2015), she was Artist-in-Residence at the prestigious Hedgebrook foundation.

Krista will tour Europe and the UK with her new album, 'Barely,' beginning Sept. 30th, 2015, and continues to tour the U.S. all the while. She's shared stages with Victor Wooten, Chuck Rainey, Loudon Wainwright, The Neville Bros. and Suzanne Vega, among many others.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

TOKYO ROSENTHAL - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, October 5, 2015


Returning for his 2nd BAG appearance,Tokyo Rosenthal plays Mick Murphy's, Ballymore Eustace, on Monday, October 5th. Doors 8:30pm; Gig 9pm sharp. Admission: €12

"Rosenthal can draw you into his lyrics much the same way that James Taylor and Don Henley can".
"Take Jackson Browne’s personal confessions and wrap them in Kris Kristofferson’s world weary tales of broken relationships and you have an idea of what to expect from Tokyo Rosenthal."
"This is Americana with real teeth in the lyrics"

This and more is what the critics are saying about Tokyo Rosenthal. But it wasn’t an overnight trip. Hardly, as "Toke" has spanned the music scene for three decades. But it was in 2007 when recognition finally reached him through the recording of his CD, "One Score And Ten".

In a career that started with the country rock boom, Rosenthal has honed his craft and "Rootsy/ Americana with a little blues thrown in" sound to perfection.  His move to Chapel Hill, North Carolina allowed him to team up with the famed producer and recording star Chris Stamey in the studio. But prior to that Rosenthal made his reputation while living in Rhode Island, New York, and Los Angeles.

In 2014 Toke began hosting his own weekly syndicated radio show, "The Tokyo Rosenthal Program, as a prelude to the newly released, "Afterlife", Toke's 6th studio album.

Always writing and always gigging, his musical journey continues.

JEFF FINLIN with Clive Barnes - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015

In the early noughties, Jeff Finlin was a regular visitor to Ballymore Eustace to play the Ballymore Inn when my predecessor, and great friend, Larry Roddy, used to promote his tours in Ireland. It's been way too long since his last visit, and I'm delighted to welcome Jeff back to Ballymore, to play Mick Murphy's Bar, on Monday, Sept 28th. Doors opean at 8:30pm; Gig 9pm sharp. Regulars from those days will tell you that Jeff Finlin is one of the best songwriters to have crossed the Atlantic. I can attest that this is a show that will be in everyone's Top 5 at the end of the year. Most highly recommended, and not to be missed.
Joining Jeff on guitars on the night, will be BAG favourite, Clive Barnes.

Jeff's website Bio
New record, 'My Moby Dick' on YouTube
YouTube Channel:

" Finlin writes with the minimalist grit of Sam Shepard and Raymond Carver. Tune in and you will hear an illusive magic!" - Dave Hoekstra-Chicogo Sun Times

"Jeff Finlin might be one of the finest American troubadours since Bob Dylan." - JR Moehringer
5280 magazine

"If Jeff Finlin were not a songwriter, it’s likely he’d be a novelist and he’d fall somewhere between Kerouac, Twain and Vonnegut." - Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter.

Clive Barnes is one of Ireland's top guitarists, both in his own right as a solo performer, and as a highly sought after session guitarist/touring 'sideman'.

A top slide guitarist, on both upright, and lap guitars, Clive has also developed a well-deserved reputation as one of the best electric guitarist accompanists in the business, across many genres - from blues and rock, to country and folk/roots.

Crossroads Blues:

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

PAT COLDRICK - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, Sept. 21, 2015

I am particularly delighted to welcome back Pat Coldrick to Mick Murphy's, Ballymore Eustace, on Monday, Sept. 21, as part of his CityJam Album Tour. Doors will open at 8:30pm, for a 9pm show, and admission will be just €12. Don't be surprised if Pat is playing when you arrive - he likes nothing more than to 'meet and greet' his audience with music as they arrive!

Below, you'll find an excellent biography, taken from Pat's website, but let me give you my own personal recommendation, first: Pat Coldrick contacted me about four years ago about booking a gig; I jumped at the chance, and this surprised him a bit. You see, he hadn't been having much luck before that, as most folks thought 'Classical Guitar' was too risky to book. I don't - not when it's Pat Coldrick playing it! I saw that what Pat was trying to do was different - it wasn't about recitals for the establishment, but about performance for music lovers. Pat has returned to BAG each year since, and each year the crowd is bigger and bigger. Once you catch him live once, you'll come again - I guarantee it. Don't miss this chance to catch Pat iN a venue he loves to play, and where he gets a fantastic reception.

Now, the official Bio (it's good too!):
Pat Coldrick is an Irish Classical Guitarist and Composer, who has been working for the last six years in Ireland but has also performed Recitals in Europe, the USA and Russia.

Pat has been described as ‘pushing the boundaries of classical guitar’ with his musical interpretations and compositions and has made Classical Guitar exciting, interesting and more accessible to music lovers in general. Through his interpretation of music and by exploring and embracing new technologies he strives to enhance the dynamics of the classical guitar and bring his music to a wider audience both at home and abroad.

His music defies genre and appeals to a wide cross section of music lovers. While Pat plays his own arrangements of great classical pieces, it is his own compositions that sets him apart – pieces such as Lament, CityJam and Antarctica to name but a few. Pat’s skillful and atmospheric connection with his audience is an art form in itself and is in total contrast to other more formal classical performances. He has a very easy going, laid back and unassuming approach and his interaction with the audience and philosophy of ‘entertaining’ rather than ‘educating’ his listeners is a breath of fresh air.

Once Pat begins to play people are immediately captivated by his dedication, passion and skill. His interpretation and delivery of each piece combined with his superb artistry as a performer results in his unique ability to make his audience laugh and equally move them to tears.

To date Pat has produced 2 albums – Cayendo in 2010 and CityJam was release in November 2014. Since CityJam was launched his music has been played on all the major radio stations in Ireland and was voted ‘Album of the Week’ on RTE Lyric FM. It’s fair to say that Pat’s music is currently attracting a lot of attention in classical quarters and beyond. Pat is now widely acknowledged as a very accomplished musician and composer who is succeeding in bringing classical guitar music ‘Centre Stage’ where he so passionately believes it belongs.

Pat’s musical formation has not followed normal traditional lines. He is mainly self taught and in a relatively short period of time he has put together an impressive body of work and has gained considerable recognition throughout Ireland and Internationally both as a performer and composer.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

PETUNIA with Ed Tapceanu & Candice Roberts - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, Sept. 14, 2015.

Returning for his second BAG appearance, Petunia appears at Mick Murphy's, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare on Monday, September 14, 2015. Doors open: 8:30pm; Gig 9pm sharp. Admission: €12 at the door.

Petunia’s music is infectious, his singing ranges from the most delicate you’ve ever heard to the most powerful, often within a single song…hillbilly-flavoured-swing inflected-ragtime-goodtime-thunderously rolling-one-of-a-kind-you-don’t-want-to-miss-this-sort-of-a-show. 
He has a huge repertoire of music to draw from but fans continue to cry out for the Petunia originals; Whenever Petunia takes the stage for a solo spotlight, it is always powerfully impressive.

Joining Petunia on the night will be Ed Tapceanu on the upright bass. Ed Tapceanu has been a permanent member of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, playing double bass, since 2006.
He has held permanent positions in several European orchestras: Royal Philharmonic of Flanders, Antwerp, Belgium; Stadtorchester Wintethur, Switzerland.  
He's also active playing double bass, electric bass & baritone guitar in anything from old blues & jazz, rockabilly, soul and alternative rock & pop. 
Also joining Petunia will be Candice Roberts on harmony vocals, and shadow puppeteering!

Videos: 'Inside Of You' -
'Mercy' -

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Pete Fagan & Anna Mitchell - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, Sept 7, 2015

Pairing two fine young Irish singer/songwriters, BAG continues to bring the best of original roots edged music to its devoted followers.

As usual, Mick Murphy's doors will open at 8:30pm, with a 9pm sharp showtime. Admission is just €12, at the door.

Hailing from Kilcullen, Co. Kildare, Pete Fagan is one on the hardest working Irish musicians on the circuit.
With an impressive list of collaborators over the years,
Pete came to prominence on the live circuit in Ireland in the late '90's, and quickly turned heads with his powerful (& soulful) vocal talents. He's guested / toured with a veritable list of "who's who" artists on the Irish music scene (from the stars of "The Commitments" to Irish songwriting legends such as "Paul Brady").
He's performed with a plethora of artists from Paulo Nutini to Bryan Adams.
But, it is his songwriting, and in particular his work as half of the duo, Edisons, that has brought him centre-stage, and onto the radar of mainstream radio, and festival promoters. With his musical partner in crime, Fran King, Edisons play Electric Picnic for the second time this year.
As a solo artist Pete continues to be a prolific songwriter, with a new record in the can.
Videos: Ain't No Sunshine (cover) -
Easy (Song for The Missing) -
Evelyn -

Cork songstress, Anna Mitchell, released her debut album ‘Down to the Bone’ on Feb 13th 2015.‘Down to the Bone’ captures the songwriter confidently moving between soulful Americana, brooding late night ballads and country tinged folk, paying homage to the traditions and influences that went before while carving out a unique and contemporary space for her voice to be heard.
With a reputation as a passionate live performer able to capture an audience, Anna has performed and toured with many celebrated singers & songwriters including Sarah Jarosz , Aoife O’Donovan, Mick Flannery, John Smith, Duke Special, Lisa Hannigan, Simone Felice & many more. So impressed was the celebrated American poet and songwriter Simone Felice, he invited her to join him on 5 week European tour in winter ‘14 stopping off in Ireland , U.K , Belgium and Luxembourg as well as a 3 week tour throughout the states in May/June ‘15.
Anna Mitchell's star is, most definitely, on the rise.
“If David Lynch were to reset Blue Velvet in the wilds of West Cork, then Anna Mitchell’s evocative, dark songs of life and love’s painful kiss would sit well on the soundtrack” (Joe Breen) ★ ★ ★ ★- The Irish Times