Thursday, 11 June 2015

JOHN STATZ - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, June 15, 2015


BAG debutante, John Statz, has been met with high praise, following the release, in 2014, of his current, and seventh record, 'Tulsa'. Originally from Wisconsin, now residing in Denver, Colorado, John Statz took up an offer from Jeffrey Foucault to produce the record. The result is beautiful blend of soft americana and smooth folk. “John writes songs you can’t shake,” says Foucault. “They follow you around all day and run through your head at 3 a.m. Open hearted, horizon-line songs.” 

Popdose, in the USA, said: “This is a modern musical travelogue; a diary of different moments and places, captured in words and lyrics…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED“

American Songwriter said: “John writes the kind of songs that float through your mind, seeking purpose and stay nestled in your thoughts long after listening.”

BAG says: I fully concur with the sentiments expressed above, and I'm delighted to present to you, this fine young songwriter!

'Home at Last' -
'Any Town' -

Monday, 8 June 2015

ROY THOMPSON - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, June 8 2015

Yes, after 5 years since my last public performance (this promotion lark takes up a lot of time), I have given in to the many requests from BAG regulars to take a Monday night for myself!

It's a bit awkward writing a promo piece about myself, so I'll just tell you this:
I've had a guitar in my hand since I was a teenager, and been writing songs nearly as long. I'm flattered that folks have seemed to like them over the years. I've had some memorable gigs playing my songs - probably my best memory was opening for Jeffrey Foucault in Mother Redcaps in Dublin some years back - right before they tore it down to build apartments..... ah, the price of progress. Anyway, even when busy with promotion, and not performing, I've found a little time to write, and I want to give those songs their wings. There are plans for more gigs, and to record, but one step at a time....
I'll be real happy to play these songs for you on Monday, June 8; All the usual standard details apply: 8:30pm doors; 9:15pm showtime; €12 cover charge (this will help with investment needed to repair and upgrade my P.A. which I use for all the gigs) - I do hope you can come along.