Monday, 8 June 2015

ROY THOMPSON - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday, June 8 2015

Yes, after 5 years since my last public performance (this promotion lark takes up a lot of time), I have given in to the many requests from BAG regulars to take a Monday night for myself!

It's a bit awkward writing a promo piece about myself, so I'll just tell you this:
I've had a guitar in my hand since I was a teenager, and been writing songs nearly as long. I'm flattered that folks have seemed to like them over the years. I've had some memorable gigs playing my songs - probably my best memory was opening for Jeffrey Foucault in Mother Redcaps in Dublin some years back - right before they tore it down to build apartments..... ah, the price of progress. Anyway, even when busy with promotion, and not performing, I've found a little time to write, and I want to give those songs their wings. There are plans for more gigs, and to record, but one step at a time....
I'll be real happy to play these songs for you on Monday, June 8; All the usual standard details apply: 8:30pm doors; 9:15pm showtime; €12 cover charge (this will help with investment needed to repair and upgrade my P.A. which I use for all the gigs) - I do hope you can come along.

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