Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ballymore Acoustic Gigs (BAG): Spreading the Word According to BAG!

Ballymore Acoustic Gigs (BAG): Spreading the Word According to BAG!: Believe it or not, it'll soon be a year since I took up the baton and brought Live Music back to Ballymore Eustace. I offer my thanks to my ...

Ballymore Acoustic Gigs (BAG): Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16

Ballymore Acoustic Gigs (BAG): Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16: Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16, 9pm, Adm: €12 “Hat Fitz and Cara make beautiful, raw, exciting music ...

Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16

Hat Fitz & Cara - Monday July 16, 9pm, Adm: €12

“Hat Fitz and Cara make beautiful, raw, exciting music that never fails to grab me” - Jeff Lang, Australia

“They pack more energy, emotion and sheer musical exuberance into one song
than most manage in a whole career” - Spiral Earth, UK

“With 'Wiley Ways', Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson have crafted as genuine a blues record as you can hope to find in this day and age - simple, powerful, full of the inherent realism we’ve come to expect from these two, a stellar effort” - Samuel J. Fell (Rhythms/Rolling Stone).

Hat Fitz & Cara have recently finished recording their new album “ Wiley Ways” which has had the pleasure of being engineered and produced by the highly regarded Jeff Lang.
The process of this has been up to date one of the most enjoyable experiences either of them have had in making an album, what with banging bed pans, packing Cigarette box Pedals into old leather glad bags for that sought after sound.
It has been a shared passion for their music that has moulded this album lovingly track by track.
Now they want to share this personal experience of their scrawls and ramblings they have created late into the many early hours from their shed in the bush and long dark nights on the road with the rest of the world.
This dynamic duo is a unique combination that have skilfully combined their music of hill style country blues with old time folk, which has seen them become firm favourites on the international festival circuit.
Their material is original yet crosses the boundaries as if written from a time once forgotten.

Lotsa Videos:

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spreading the Word According to BAG!

Believe it or not, it'll soon be a year since I took up the baton and brought Live Music back to Ballymore Eustace. I offer my thanks to my hosts Phil and Sean Murphy of the Stage Inn (Mick Murphy's) for continuing to make their fine pub available to me. It's been a steep learning curve, but fun too, and we've had some terrific nights of top quality live music from home and abroad. And with your continued support, there'll be lots more, too.
There's no doubt that we are living in tough times; so many are unemployed and really stuggling. So it is heartening to see people coming through the door on Monday nights, willing to pay to see quality live music.
This current hardship we find ourselves in extends to independent musicans, too: many of whom are battling to stay on the road, and to keep recording and touring new records, and I know that they appreciate the support for their music they are afforded in small venues.
It is my hope to keep promoting Live Music long into the future; albeit that as I do this as a hobby, and not for gain.
For this to happen, I need to be sure I can continue to offer Touring Acts a listening audience. There is a core of patrons that I refer to as the "Ballymore Faithful" and for their support I am very grateful; the challenge for the future is to grow BAG's fan-base so that I'm drawing from a bigger pool of loyal followers.
This is where you, dear reader, can help! We live in a technology dominated world; you might be reading this on your PC, Apple-Mac, I-Pad, even your phone. You might have been directed to it from Facebook, Twitter, a friend may have forwarded you an email with this address included: eitherway, you're here, and you can be part of BAG's future!
So, if you like Live acoustic music in the vein of Folk/Blues/Americana/Old Time/Roots/Traditional, then you might like to help spread the word about BAG and keep good folks coming through the door- the kind that play, and the kind that pay!
To that end, please forward the link to this Blog to your friends and contacts, and maybe even follow us by email: its really easy and you only get emails when new stuff is posted. You can also join the BAG mailing list by emailing your request to
If you've yet to have the experience of a BAG gig, then come on out and see for yourself what its all about; if you're a regular patron, or indeed an occasional one, thank you for your support, and please, keep it up: BAG needs you!

Hope to see you all down the road.

Roy Thompson

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jason Ringenberg (frontman of Jason and The Scorchers)- Monday July 2

Jason Ringenberg - Monday July 2

Jason Ringenberg was born and raised on an Illinois hog farm that bordered the Rock Island Line Railroad.  He left for Nashville July 4 1981 to pursue his dream of “making a band that could kick American roots music into the modern age!”  Little did he know just how far the kick would travel.

He immediately formed Jason and the Scorchers and never looked back. Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s they tore up venues across the planet and became known as one of the most exciting live bands in music.  On classic LPs like Fervor and Lost and Found they “singlehandedly rewrote the history of rock ‘n’roll in the South”.   -Rolling Stone

Their instinctive ability to combine traditional country music with high energy punk rock has not been surpassed to this day.  In 2008 they were awarded the Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award for Performance.  There is an exhibit of them in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

But Ringenberg’s story does not stop there. In 1999 the “Godfather of Americana” (Mojo) decided to go solo. He has released five solo cds where his songwriting has been lauded by everyone from the BBC to USA TODAY.  Touring the world relentlessly, The Times (UK) called him “one of the most exciting performers of his generation”. So don’t go to his shows expecting to see a sensitive singer-songwriter sitting on a stool. With his acoustic guitar and fearless charisma he will rock the house.

Jason Ringenberg plays only two shows in Ireland this tour, so come out to Mick Murphy's, Ballymore Eustace, Monday July 2, 9pm, and don't miss what will be a show to live long in the memory!
Admission is €12 on the door.

Trail of Tears:
Bible and A Gun:

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Otis Gibbs - Monday June 25

Otis Gibbs – Fanning the Flames of Discontent.

Otis Gibbs is a man in search of an honest experience.  Some people refer to him as a folk artist, but that is a simplistic way to describe a man who has planted over 7,000 trees, slept in hobo jungles, walked with nomadic shepherds in the Carpathian Mountains, been strip-searched by dirty cops in Detroit, and has an FBI file. Much of his work concentrates on the world that is ignored by pop culture. Sometimes forgotten, obsolete or simply marginalized, it is a world that doesn’t fit into a twenty-second sound bite or a White House talking point. He has spent the last fifteen years traveling across America and abroad documenting this world, and has a story to share about each stop along the way.

Otis is travelling with his new CD - 'Harder Than Hammered Hell'. It's a real cracker, and follows in the footsteps of his previous releases: 'Grandpa Walked A Picket Line' and 'Joe Hill's Ashes'.

The promo states that "Otis is a man in search of an honest experience" I add that once you've seen him Live, you'll be in no doubt that you just found one, yourself.

Otis Gibbs plays his third BAG appearance in Mick Murphy's (Stage Inn), Ballymore Eustace, Monday, June 25 at 9pm. Admission is €12 on the door.

Some videos:
Grandpa Walked a Picketline:

Friday, 1 June 2012

Woodbine - Monday, June 11, 9pm

Woodbine - Monday, June 11 - 9pm.

Woodbine is a band that is at the very heart of the Irish Bluegrass scene. Formed in 2002, and based in Athy, Co. Kildare, Woodbine are as good a Bluegrass outfit as you’ll find in a days walk. Exceptional musicianship, and superb vocals cement into a sound that typifies the Irish Bluegrass approach. Highly recommended. Monday June 11, 9pm, Mick Murphy's Stage Inn, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare.
Admission: €12 on the door.

Meet the band: Tony O Brien
Plays rhythm guitar and sings lead & harmony vocals. Tony has been playing & singing country music since his teens. He was part of a duo and sometimes trio with Liam Wright for 15 years (1970-1985) Tony played with "The Clem O Brien Band" for four years (1998-2001) before he formed "Woodbine" in 2002
Nicola O Brien
Plays double bass and sings lead & harmony vocals. Nicola has one of the finest voices in bluegrass/country music in Ireland and has captivated audiences everywhere Woodbine has performed.She joined Woodbine in 2003 after a band reshuffle and is the heartbeat of the band with her solid bass playing.
Liam Wright
Lead Guitar, Dobro and Bass Fiddle. Liam sings lead & harmony vocals in the band and was a pioneer of bluegrass music in the Athy area back in the mid 80's when he played with a band called "Woodworm". He has a keen interest in traditional Irish music also and plays tenor banjo at local sessions.
Richard Hawkins
Plays the olde 5 String Banjo in Woodbine and has been involved in the Irish bluegrass scene for many years, as banjo player in several bands including The Sackville String Band & The Niall Toner Band. Richard is the editor of bluegrassirelandblog on the net. A fine banjo player that knows the real meaning of ‘band member’.