Friday, 3 April 2015

MELISSA GREENER (USA) - LIVE in Mick Murphy's, Monday April 13, 2015

Melissa Greener's last visit with us was (would you believe) three and a half years ago! So I'm particularly delighted to welcome her back to BAG on Monday, April 13th.
Doors open at 8:30pm, with showtime being 9:15pm. Admission is €12 at the door. Never was it truer than to say that this show is most highly recommended.

For a sample, here's a link to Melissa's YouTube Channel:

Nashville based Americana artist Melissa Greener is a singer, songwriter and guitarist of the finest order.  Her songs are summoned from mountain ranges, holy places, deserts, oceans and forests, or the lonely stretch of blacktop from Detroit to Austin.  Greener collects truth as much from the feathers she finds as from the potholes she dodges.  Impressive vocal chops wrap narrative that “paints superb portraits of the human condition" (Maverick Music Magazine -UK).  Quirkily crafted lyrics are skipped like stones across the surface of the deep-pocket groove on her raucous electric tremolo guitar.

Greener grew up in Detroit with an alluring cacophony of Mo-town, standard torch ballads, and 1960’s Laurel Canyon records.  She also savored the irreverent lyrical stylings of modernist poets whose books she stole from the junior high school library.  Years of living in Austin left a distinct Texas-roots feel to much of her current work.  So much so that Guy Clark could relate and he has become a regular song-writing partner with Greener.

Raucous. Poetic.  Groove.  Such is the paradox of Greener’s dynamic muse.

Transistor Corazón, Greener's third studio release, explores complexities of the heart - the circuitry versus the soul, the mana versus the machine. The songs transport the listener to the far-reaching landscapes where they were born.  Greener has won songwriting awards and teaches songwriting workshops.  She is a relentless road-dog, casting her spell across international audiences.

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